Your Ideas.
Discovered. Defined. Designed

Exnauts is the first step to your digital projects and initiatives. We bring
tangibility to your ideas, to help you
start testing the concept.


66% of projects fail due to ill-defined requirements. Our bespoke discovery sessions produce deliverables that help you validate your concept, secure funding and build your business while minimising costs and the risk of failure. We tailor our exercises around your idea and put ourselves in your shoes to understand the vision and dream behind the product.


Our tailored services are designed to prevent careless leaps into the deep end of product design. Let our free brainstorm help you identify what your product needs, and then map out a course of action for the subsequent phases. 

Each deliverable is comprehensive and designed to be shared with the relevant stakeholders.

Free Consultation

Have a brilliant idea on your mind? We have creative and innovative ways to execute it. We would love to meet with you, understand your vision, and share our relevant knowledge in creating great experiences for digital products.

  • 2 to 4 hours of  brainstorming

Get in touch now for a free brainstorm. We do this because we are passionate about what we do. Are you?

Discover & Define

Our structured methodology, based on 15 years of industry experience, will get you from A to B most efficiently. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • In-person sessions up to 20 hours
  • Product vision board articulation
  • Personas identification
  • MVP (minimum viable product) features
  • Information architecture (red route)
  • Screen and process flow diagrams

This is accomplished in 4 to 5 working days, producing a dossier to give your team, stakeholders and investors a robust understanding of your product, and aid your next steps.

Product Design

This is where our learnings manifest a high fidelity clickable prototype – the closest thing to your final product in terms of function and behaviour:

  • High fidelity prototype with animations
  • Agile keeping you involved at every step
  • Feedback tools for every field/interaction
  • Documented user journeys
  • Business logic for your dev team
  • UI design for your key screens

Produced in 15 to 20 working days – this exhaustive toolkit, and the deliverables from the previous phase, can be used to get accurate time/cost estimates or to commence development.


The exciting bit is getting your product into the hands of your users. Depending on our involvement, we can work along side your development life cycle, aiding with:

Designing the end to end product UI for all resolutions and devices (Android, iOS, responsive web etc.) conforming to your brand guidelines. Don’t possess brand guidelines? We can help you with that as well.

UX testing and iterating by meeting potential users and confirming your product hypotheses via the produced high fidelity prototype.

In the product development phase we will review the progress regularly, ensuring that the user journeys are implemented as initially envisioned.

Re-assess the opportunities and competitive landscape of the market and suggest strategic and technological changes where necessary.



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