LMS – Learning Management System

Bespoke LMS for SCM World – Responsive web

01. The Brief

To design a highly customised Learning Management System to transform how learning programs are delivered to C Level and senior leaders within the organisation. 

SCM World’s existing LMS was custom built on top of an archaic system which not only limited the learning features, but also restricted them from serving the bespoke products they had designed for their clients. Our challenge was to come up with a product which allowed them to serve learning courses in conjunction with bespoke learning journeys – spanning from events to webinars and workshops. These services were meant to be delivered on the web as well as in person, with the LMS being capable enough to cater to it all.

02. What we did

As UX designers and product experts, we were responsible for understanding and documenting user journeys, analysing the data obtained from the current user interactions, creating high fidelity prototypes and managing the design and development process for their new LMS platform.

The platform had a wide spectrum of personas, and while they had different learning journeys, it was still important to give them a consistent experience across the organisation. In order to achieve that, we organised focus groups with internal stake holders and conducted qualitative interviews with external users to better understand them. We also performed an environmental analysis to understand where and how the product would be used. After extensive investigation we decided to produce a responsive web platform for the MVP, rather than a native mobile app.

03. How we did it

We started with the flow diagram for events across the functional disciplines within the organisation. There after we continued with the specifics of the LMS platform and performed a Card Sorting exercise, followed by a Red Route Analysis. We then went on to create high-fidelity prototypes for the key u ser journeys of the product using JustInMind Prototyper. These prototypes were then handed over to the UI team to produce the final designs – which were fed to the product development partner.

Client: SCM World (now Gartner)
Website: scmworld.com
Services: Creative, Ideation, Design, Development