Your Health Room

Your health in your hands.

01. The Brief

A platform that enables healthcare professionals to create a positive impact in society by educating people about their health issues and attending to their queries.

Your Health Room (by Medic Creations) approached us to design a universal application (iPhone and iPad) that helped healthcare professionals educate people by answering their health related questions, reviewing the answers of their peers, and writing articles. An element of gamification was also included for the healthcare professionals.

02. What we did

We were responsible for qualitative stakeholder interviews, identifying user stories and creating screenflow diagrams in conjunction with high fidelity prototypes for both devices. A gamification strategy was also devised off the back of a dozen doctor interviews.

Identifying the level of motivation for healthcare professionals, and then creating an emotional hook with the product and its users was imperative. As a result – our first step was to speak to doctors in order to develop the gamification strategy. Once that was in place, we ran a workshop with the stakeholders and sketched out the vision board and product features. We concluded with a card sorting exercise and red route analysis to produce the layout wireframes below.

03. How we did it

With the above strategy in place, we mapped out the screen flow diagram for the system, primarily targeting mobile rather than tablet – given that the screens for tablet would be a derivative of the mobile screens. This was an iterative process until sign-off. We then put together a high-fidelity prototype for both devices. An agile approach had to be taken for the prototyping, with our deliverables tied to the user stories.